The lights in our shop are never dimmed until we’ve turned every knob, or banged every can, as it were. If we can’t find the perfect song for a project, we’ll produce one. If we can’t find the perfect sound for a song, we’ll make it. If we can’t find the perfect medium for a project, we’ll build it. This applies as much to creative ingenuity as it does to creative licensing. Our goal with every project is to realize our client’s vision, whether it begins with the ambition of a band recording an original song, or an exploration of sound. We’ll get you to the other side.

Budgeting & Resource Allocation, Composer/Recording Artist contractor, Quote Requests, Contract Negotiation & Licensing, Fair Use & Public Domain evaluation, Union Administration (if you don’t know, we’ll tell you!), Cue Sheets, Performance Royalty Administration, & Brand Sponsored Music Events are among some of the services we offer.



DIVING BELL RECORDING Co. is the label and recording division of Diving Bell Collective. We pride ourselves on collaborating with musicians, and filmmakers from all corners to bring sound to light. We believe that Oxygen, in addition to feeding our trusty air tanks, is an element of sound, and as such, feeds our ears. With that in mind, we live and breathe the music we speak.



Our licensing roster has been curated with the single objective of bringing a new audience to music we believe is deserving of more ears. Listen at your leisure, or drop a line with your creative brief for a guided tour.


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